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Master’s Message June 2017

Posted by jdemirs on June 2, 2017

Memorial Day is a day we pause to remember those men and women who stand guard over our freedom. We remember that all gave some, and some gave all, to defend our right to pursue our way of life. Whether you took an oath to help, aid and assist distressed Masons, or to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign or domestic, or both, the principles are the same. The principles we stand for are demonstrated by what we do and how we act.

This month brings the promise of things to come both in nature and in those that follow us. Our June program is the Connection between Freemasons and Eagle Scouts, put on by our brother Sr. Deacon Dave Becker and Worshipful Trevor Humphrey of Friendship Lodge. This connection goes back many years to the beginnings of Boy Scouts, who adopted the fundamental precepts of Masonic education and interwove them with practical life lessons in the outdoors. Boys who achieve the rank of Eagle go on to become leaders in society. Today, the achievement of Eagle Scout is particularly challenging and hugely significant. We are lucky to have several brothers’ sons achieve Eagle, and one of our candidates John Petrone is the Eagle counselor and mentor for the local troop. We will be honoring several recent Eagle recipients at our June meeting, and it’s possible that our new Grand Master Most Worshipful Peter Iacobucci will visit Lafayette Lodge to congratulate some of the new Eagles. We will also have our past District Deputy, RW Robert Palazzo and our new District Deputy RW Doug Grant in attendance. So please come out and join me in extending our warm and fraternal greetings to our visiting brethren and to the next leaders of our community.

Also on June 19 we have our Master Mason degree for two candidates, and the officers and lecturers are working hard on their parts. A wise man once told me that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so please try to make all the practices and I’m confident that we will give this year’s class a great degree.

The MS150 is on June 10th and 11th. Please support our brothers who will once again brave saddle sores and leg cramps to raise money to defeat Multiple Sclerosis. The comradery is excellent, the cause is just and I urge you to support your brethren if within the length of your cable tow.

Don’t forget – on June 17th is the Chicken BBQ. This year the chef is experimenting again, this time with wings! BBQ, smoked, fried, Buffalo, plain, dry rub, sauced – everybody loves Chicken Wings! Come hungry, you won’t leave hungry! (I suggest you wear stretchy pants). For those who don’t like wings, there will be chicken breasts cooked any way you like, and the cook may sneak in some hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages. All you can eat – for $15!

My brothers, we often have the opportunity to help each other even when it’s not apparent. We’ve taken an oath to do just that. Bring that oath to life. Live it. Practice random acts of kindness. While we’re not planning on having meetings in July or August, keep a watchful eye on one another. Call each other. Play golf together. Have a coffee together. I plan on it.

Have a wonderful summer!
Wor. Steven Acello


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Master’s Message – April 2017

Posted by Brian Cayer on March 29, 2017

Spring is a time of renewal of hope and so it is for me my brothers! I confess that this New England
weather is making me sort of crazy, with days in the 70s and the next a snowstorm. We’re so fortunate for Brother Switzer who plows our lodge and keeps the lot open for us. Most of us can’t really appreciate it but he comes at all hours of the night to make sure we can get to practice and to meetings….(hint hint!). And, I’d like to shout out to all of my brothers who helped put on such a
wonderful Fellow Craft degree. You all made me very proud to be part of this team. And our new Fellow Craft also remarked at what a meaningful impact it had on them.

Looking forward, in April the theme of our Seven Arts and Sciences programs is Logic. Our Director of Masonic Education, Rite Worshipful Brother Paul Kokolsky will be presenting the Officers’ Forum. This is
mandatory for all Lafayette Line Officers to attend, and even more important, our District Deputy Rite Worshipful Bob Palazzo will have his official visitation to our lodge. As it is an Officers’ Forum, officers from the other lodges in the district will be in attendance and it will be a great opportunity to connect and enjoy fellowship with our brothers in the district.

As our friend and brother Worshipful Trevor Humphrey said in his weekly message, with spring in the
air we are starting to hear a lot of talk about Golf and Cycling. If you would like to join us this year for a historic ride over the 3 bridges, consider joining the Rhode Island Cycling Team in the MS150. We currently have eight members on the team which seems to be about what we have each year, however we would like to see that number grow. Last year our team was one of the Top Contributors
in fundraising for MS, an impressive task when you consider that our team is one third the size of others. So to join or to donate please click HERE.

The Northern District Junior Wardens have announced
this year’s charity event will be a Murder Mystery, with all proceeds going to Adoption Rhode Island
(site Adoption Rhode Island is a private Non-Profit organization dedicated to finding families for children in Rhode Island state care and supporting those children and families throughout the waiting and adoption process.

The event will be held on Saturday, May 6th, 2017, at the Smithfield Elks (326 Farnum Pike), 12-5 pm.
There will be great food, including roast pork, pulled pork, bbq chicken, and more. All Brothers, family, and friends are welcomed, as this is event is open to the public. Please join us to support this great cause and share with your friends, tickets are available from Brother Barnes for $35 for a single $60 for a couple and $20 for children under 12 or on line HERE.

My brothers, life is precious. I had a stark reminder of that this week. My son was in an accident at his school, fractured his skull, and suffered a severe concussion. He was in the hospital for 3 days. It made me stop and reflect on what might have been. As I contemplate this most recent event, I am even more in awe of the beneficence of our Almighty Architect. We move through life so fast that sometimes we forget what’s important. So don’t. Take that extra moment to remind each other how much we mean to each other. Say thank you to people around you when they do something nice or unexpected. Do something nice for someone when they least expect it but most need it. Smile a lot. Those words we use in our
ritual and our lectures really have meaning in every aspect of our lives. As I say in every message, let that Masonic Light shine from each of you as a beacon to guide and brighten the lives of those around us.


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Master’s Message – March 2017

Posted by Brian Cayer on February 27, 2017

My brothers,

I am in awe of how fast the year is progressing! I feel like I’m in a sort of time warp that is accelerating towards the day when I hand the reigns over to the Junior Warden, and hopefully I will be able to provide some small measure of the wisdom and guidance that my friends and mentors, the Past Masters, have shared with me.

One of the things I’ve learned in my Masonic journey is that anything worth doing, is worth doing well – to the best of your ability. This month we added some extra time to our Fellow Craft Degree so that we could really polish it up. I know that the candidates will appreciate the extra time, as well as the extra effort that the degree team is putting in to do a great job. The kind of degree that Lafayette will be proud to put on. The kind of degree we’re known for. I know this team will make me proud on March 16th.

Once again, brother Matt and his merry band of breakfastiers outdid themselves with another first on the menu, Eggs Benedict. Our breakfasts are becoming more and more popular and I really enjoy every one of them. Bring family and friends, all are welcome.

In March the theme of our Seven Arts and Sciences programs is Arithmetic. Bryan Champagne will be presenting the importance that computer security plays in our lives. For those who have not heard Brother Bryan speak, you are in for a real treat! He’s a charismatic and informative speaker and we can all relate to the importance of his message. And if that’s not enough, we have Corned Beef and Cabbage for everyone!

Be sure to mark your calendars and don’t forget – our April meeting is the District Deputy Visitation
and we’re hosting the Officer’s Forum. All Officers AIS. Chicken Parmesan. ‘nuff said.

They say that March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb. Somehow this March seems to be the opposite to me, maybe because this is the warmest February that I can remember. It seems that there’s a lot going on, but very quietly. So, let’s make some noise! Help me shake off those winter doldrums
and come to the Lodge! Reach out to each other and share in some refreshments and warm atmosphere
often and with a light heart! Let that Masonic Light shine from each of you as a beacon to others that our light will not be dimmed!


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Master’s Message – December 2016

Posted by Brian Cayer on December 5, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving my Brothers!

Each year the holidays sneak up on me and this year is no exception. We had a really exciting month at Lafayette, starting with a surprise at the November stated communication resulting in an impromptu Membership night that turned out to be warm and fun. I hope that the brethren assembled enjoyed it as much as I did. By the way, those little slips of paper may show up again in a future meeting.

In November we visited Morning Star Lodge, with a strong showing for Lafayette, and although I wasn’t able to make it we also made a great showing at Mount Mariah Lodge. We hosted the District Deputy’s organizational meeting, and once again Brother Jr Deacon made his famous Burritos (thank you Brother Kevin!) We also had a wonderful Pancake breakfast, at one point there were so many people that some extra guest cooks jumped in to help. And topping the charts in November, we had a record number of brothers at the Grand Lodge Fall Festival a total of 34 people from Lafayette attended! I was so proud to have Past Grand Masters come to me and say that they were very impressed at how many Lafayette members attended. I thank you warmly for such an outpouring of brotherhood.

We’re fortunate to congratulate Brother Ray Pedro on his recent nuptials! And we thank him for his beautiful decoration of the lodge for the upcoming holiday season.
We look forward to a pretty busy December as well. We’re having the Cumberland High School Clef singers and perhaps that Jolly Old Man dressed in red may visit on December 7th. There will be an additional surprise at that meeting, so be sure to come out to see what the Master has in store for the holidays.

On the 10th we’re having our traditional Saints John night, hosted by our Northern District Deputy, RW Robert Palazzo. I know he could use some help so let’s step up and see what we can do to support him.
On December 15th, we’re having the Entered Apprentice degree and I know we will continue to do a superb job on it. Every time I hear the lodge do degree work, I’m more and more impressed as we continue to raise the bar. We do such a good job because we don’t just learn the words. We speak them from the heart. And when we speak the words from the heart, we just can’t go wrong. I feel that’s the key to why we connect so well.

The holidays are a time for connecting with family. You, my brothers, are my family and I feel very connected with each of you. I hope you feel the same way. But if you don’t, don’t be silent. If you don’t feel connected, please do reach out to me or to another brother in confidence. We are here to help each other.

In closing, as we prepare for, celebrate, and then recover from the holidays, please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who cannot be with us – those who are serving their country and preserving that which we hold dear; those whose vocations and obligations call; those who have laid down their working tools. Be thankful for the most valuable gift we could ever have – each other.

Happy Holidays my Brothers!

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Master’s Message – November 2016

Posted by Brian Cayer on October 26, 2016

Greetings my Brothers!

I can’t express how excited I am to greet you on the level! We have so many things to look forward to this year. Mainly I’m looking forward to more opportunities to spend time with you in our warm and welcoming lodge.

This month we had our Annual meeting and installation, which was very well attended despite the torrential rain. Everything went off without a hitch and I thank all who helped make it easy for me to connect with everyone. A special thanks to the Prologue team; the guests all thought that they were awe inspiring. Also to the Installation team, headed up by our District Deputy Right Worshipful Robert Palazzo. We’re looking forward to having him back soon, as he’s agreed to host our Saints John night in December! I’m sure that he’ll be looking for some help so let’s all support him.

This month we had our Temple Annual and our Brother Sr. Deacon was elected Temple President. I am so
glad for the experience of being Temple President but I’m even happier to know that the Temple is in the good and capable hands of someone who shares our vision to have a well maintained lodge where our brothers and future generations of brothers will be able to meet in peace and harmony to practice
our craft.

November is the first of our programs themed around the seven Liberal Arts and Sciences. It’s our Thanksgiving Feast and the discipline is Rhetoric. And who better exemplifies that topic than Rev. Roger Williams, who will be joining us to talk about our beginnings as a destiny of belief
named Providence. I can’t think of a better time to bring a friend for dinner and a program. We’ll also be joined by some new friends who have petitioned the lodge and would like to get to know us.

This month’s Pancake Breakfast is on the morning of the 19th, and the Fall Festival is that evening. The Pancake Breakfasts are an important part of the Temple and provide both fundraising and a magnificent opportunity to showcase what we’re all about. Please mark your calendars to join me
for a delicious breakfast.

And so my brothers, as we embark on this new year, I am filled with hope and confidence. I wish the best of good fortune to the new line of officers. We have a good plan, and a great team. Every lodge member is part of that team. Each one of us plays an important part in the growing strength of
Lafayette and we need and want you to take advantage of the benefits of being a brother here. I encourage you join us in our craft. Still wondering about coming to Lodge? I’m sure there’ll be some sort of surprise in the program. You’ll just have to come and see what it is.

Yours in brotherhood, Steve

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Master’s Message – June 2016

Posted by Brian Cayer on May 31, 2016

Good afternoon, Brethren

I just returned from the Grand Lodge Annual Communication and it was easily the best annual meeting that I have attended. The new Grand Master’s remarks were inspiring and the current line of Grand Lodge officers, many of which I now know personally, are also a very impressive group. I should also add that there are now several Lafayette Lodge brothers that are part of Grand Lodge which is definitely a compliment to our lodge.

Its been a good few weeks at the lodge as Spring slowly, but surely, becomes Summer. In April, about 10 Lafayette brothers visited Paul Revere lodge, my mother lodge, where we were all very warmly received with a delicious meal, good fellowship and even some nice “parting gifts”. By all accounts it was a very good night.

And now as we proceed into June our attention turns to Summer and the cookouts that accompany Summer nights on a pretty regular basis. As has been our custom, our June 3rd meeting will open at 6:00 PM and should close well before 7:00 PM at which time the officers will change from their tuxedos to their BBQ clothes and we will all move to the grilling area. I wholeheartedly invite all of you to attend this annual event with one minor stipulation. We are asking all attendees to please bring some kind of simple cook-out food to the event. It could just be potato chips or potato salad or beans or dessert…really anything will do. Hope to see you there!

Thank you
WM Ted

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Master’s Message – April 2016

Posted by Brian Cayer on April 4, 2016


Can you believe it’s almost April already. I remember in high school at one of the opening day assemblies the principal observed that time goes quicker the older we get. He was right, I realized it then and I was only 15! So, again, I would encourage each of you to really make an effort to appreciate all the good things that are going on around us every single day. In our case, we have the enormous advantage of being members of Freemasonry which allows us, on a very regular basis, to interact with other like minded people. You know the old phrase, which is true despite its age, we each get out of Freemasonry what we put into it so, especially for those who have not been to a meeting lately I would encourage you to join
us this April. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

And, if it’s April, then it is almost always the District Deputy Grand Master’s visitation and this April is no exception. In honor of his visitation we are planning a sumptuous Roast Leg of Lamb dinner prepared by our Junior Warden John Frampton. We have also scheduled a program by Worshipful Michael
Northrup to discuss the ancient charges of Freemasonry so it should be a great night…please join us!

Thank you
WM Ted

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Master’s Message – February 2016

Posted by Brian Cayer on January 25, 2016


As most of you know my wife, Paige, died on December 17, 2015 after a very short illness and on January 10, 2016 we had a Celebration of Life service led by Reverend Michael Scarlett at the lodge. By all accounts,
it was a very good day and we did celebrate who Paige was in fine fashion. Personally, I
will be forever grateful to all the brothers who pitched so that everything went well. We had well over 100 guests at the event and from the ease and fluidity in which chairs and table were put out to accommodate the overflow to the brothers who served the luncheon to the brothers who manned the wine table to the
brothers who set up the slide show etc, etc, etc. was so inspiring an effort and, as I said, something I will be forever grateful for….THANK YOU!
We traditionally regard our February meeting as something for the ladies so this month’s program is entitled “Ladies Clay Target Competitive Shooting” and will be presented by the 2007 Lady Clay Target Champion of America and the 2011 Ladies Doubles Champion, Evelyn Kazen who will be accompanied
by her husband Carl Kazen who has also won many national Clay Target competitions. We will also be having the drawing for our Big Raffle so it should be an exciting evening Hope to see you there!

WM Ted

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Master’s Message – December 2015

Posted by Brian Cayer on November 28, 2015


As I write this month’s message it is a cold and rainy night …in other words a typical late November night. And almost as reliable as November weather is Lafayette Lodge’s long standing tradition of kicking off the holiday season by having the Cumberland Chorus performing an assortment of holiday songs for us. This year, our Junior Steward’s son Jonathan Petit will be in the choir which will be great to see and hear!

The officers and I continue to work hard at learning the ritual and the floor work pertaining to the Entered Apprentice degree which will be received by three candidates on Thursday, December 10, 2015. I would encourage each of you to try to attend. I’m sure you all recall your first impression of Freemasonry after you completed your degree and if you were fortunate enough to receive a warm reception by the several brothers on the sidelines then I would expect your first impression was a very positive one.

Relief is a term that is often used in Freemasonry and during this holiday season I would ask each of you to truly consider whether you would be able to contribute at a higher level to the relief of the less fortunate. Charitable giving is obviously a very personal decision but, like most things, it is easy to get in the habit of doing the same thing this year as you did last year even if you are able to do more now than before.

Finally I want to continue to invite those of you who have not been to meeting or a function lately to please come by. I know it might be hard for you because you aren’t as close to the active brothers as you once were but I guarantee that you will be received warmly if you are able to attend.

WM Ted Hague

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Master’s Message – September 2015

Posted by Brian Cayer on September 1, 2015

It’s September, and the Masonic year starts again! Lafayette has kept busy over our summer break; ball games, table lodges, smokers, picnics, and a good time was had by all. The officers have been hard at work for our MM Degree to be held on the 28th of September.

At our meeting this month, the SW will take the gavel and open the lodge in the Third Degree. Ted and his suite of officers (if elected) have done a fine job at rehearsal, please come out and support the future of Lafayette. We are also going to recognize the brothers who worked so diligently to keep Lafayette moving forward this year. It promises to be an entertaining night.

Some of the Ladies will be going to a local restaurant for dinner, if any of the Ladies are interested, please contact my wife, Pat for details
at or 401-729-1640.

We meet every Monday at 7pm, the second being the exception, to rehearse, work with candidates and enjoy fellowship with our Brethren. Won’t you join us?

Bob D.

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