Lafayette Lodge No.47

“Making good men better.”

Master’s Message November 2017

Posted by jdemirs on November 19, 2017

Hello My Brothers,
A new Masonic year is upon us here at Lafayette and I am so excited to see us moving onward and upward. It is looks to be a busy year of travel and fellowship as we pursue the Grand Master’s Award. I am looking forward to making this journey as a Lodge together. October was a busy month, in and of itself. We kicked things off even before the month started by traveling to Friendship Lodge for their DDGM Visitation on the 30 th of September. We then had our Annual on the following Wednesday with the DDGM. Visitation to Morning Star Lodge the next night. We had a very well attended Temple Annual and Brother Junior Warden was re-elected President. There was an Open House at Grand Lodge on the 14th and I would like to personally thank Brother Senior War-
den for filling in for me during the first half of the day. On the 21st we had our Ninth Annual Franklin Farms Breakfast and, although it is in the future as of this writing, I am sure it was a great success again this year. Much thanks to our Brother Marshal Bob
Drisko for his support of this great event. That same afternoon we had a Grand Master’s Visitation to St. Albans Lodge which took place at Fort Adams. We
finally rounded out the month with a Seafood Table Lodge on the 28th.

November is shaping up to be a busy month as well. We have Mt. Moriah’s Annual and the GM’s Visitation to Ionic to kick off the month. The DDGM Visitation to Roger Williams the following week. Lafayette’s monthly breakfast, the Grand Lodge Semi-Annual and the Fall Festival are all on the 18th and, of course, Thanksgiving to wrap up the month.

I would like to close by thanking all the Brothers who have travelled or plan to travel this year. One of the best parts of Masonry are the relationships we build within our Lodge when we travel together, and across the Craft, as we meet new brothers in our travels. I am looking forward to a great year for OUR Lodge.

Yours in the Craft,



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