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Meeting Call – December 2016

Posted by Brian Cayer on December 5, 2016

Lafayette Lodge #47 F&AM
Stated Meeting Call
For you and all Masonic guests that will be held on:
Wednesday December 7, 2016
For the transaction of such business as will come before the lodge.
Applications to be ballot: (2) – See secretary for info
Applications to read: None
Dinner: 6:30 pm
Open Lodge: 7:15 pm
Program: Cumberland HS Chorus
Close Lodge: 9:00 pm
Collation to follow

W∴Stephen Acello, Worshipful Master
W∴ Mark Eddleston, Secretary


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Master’s Message – December 2016

Posted by Brian Cayer on December 5, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving my Brothers!

Each year the holidays sneak up on me and this year is no exception. We had a really exciting month at Lafayette, starting with a surprise at the November stated communication resulting in an impromptu Membership night that turned out to be warm and fun. I hope that the brethren assembled enjoyed it as much as I did. By the way, those little slips of paper may show up again in a future meeting.

In November we visited Morning Star Lodge, with a strong showing for Lafayette, and although I wasn’t able to make it we also made a great showing at Mount Mariah Lodge. We hosted the District Deputy’s organizational meeting, and once again Brother Jr Deacon made his famous Burritos (thank you Brother Kevin!) We also had a wonderful Pancake breakfast, at one point there were so many people that some extra guest cooks jumped in to help. And topping the charts in November, we had a record number of brothers at the Grand Lodge Fall Festival a total of 34 people from Lafayette attended! I was so proud to have Past Grand Masters come to me and say that they were very impressed at how many Lafayette members attended. I thank you warmly for such an outpouring of brotherhood.

We’re fortunate to congratulate Brother Ray Pedro on his recent nuptials! And we thank him for his beautiful decoration of the lodge for the upcoming holiday season.
We look forward to a pretty busy December as well. We’re having the Cumberland High School Clef singers and perhaps that Jolly Old Man dressed in red may visit on December 7th. There will be an additional surprise at that meeting, so be sure to come out to see what the Master has in store for the holidays.

On the 10th we’re having our traditional Saints John night, hosted by our Northern District Deputy, RW Robert Palazzo. I know he could use some help so let’s step up and see what we can do to support him.
On December 15th, we’re having the Entered Apprentice degree and I know we will continue to do a superb job on it. Every time I hear the lodge do degree work, I’m more and more impressed as we continue to raise the bar. We do such a good job because we don’t just learn the words. We speak them from the heart. And when we speak the words from the heart, we just can’t go wrong. I feel that’s the key to why we connect so well.

The holidays are a time for connecting with family. You, my brothers, are my family and I feel very connected with each of you. I hope you feel the same way. But if you don’t, don’t be silent. If you don’t feel connected, please do reach out to me or to another brother in confidence. We are here to help each other.

In closing, as we prepare for, celebrate, and then recover from the holidays, please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who cannot be with us – those who are serving their country and preserving that which we hold dear; those whose vocations and obligations call; those who have laid down their working tools. Be thankful for the most valuable gift we could ever have – each other.

Happy Holidays my Brothers!

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