Lafayette Lodge No.47

“Making good men better.”

Master’s Message – April 2016

Posted by Brian Cayer on April 4, 2016


Can you believe it’s almost April already. I remember in high school at one of the opening day assemblies the principal observed that time goes quicker the older we get. He was right, I realized it then and I was only 15! So, again, I would encourage each of you to really make an effort to appreciate all the good things that are going on around us every single day. In our case, we have the enormous advantage of being members of Freemasonry which allows us, on a very regular basis, to interact with other like minded people. You know the old phrase, which is true despite its age, we each get out of Freemasonry what we put into it so, especially for those who have not been to a meeting lately I would encourage you to join
us this April. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

And, if it’s April, then it is almost always the District Deputy Grand Master’s visitation and this April is no exception. In honor of his visitation we are planning a sumptuous Roast Leg of Lamb dinner prepared by our Junior Warden John Frampton. We have also scheduled a program by Worshipful Michael
Northrup to discuss the ancient charges of Freemasonry so it should be a great night…please join us!

Thank you
WM Ted


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