Lafayette Lodge No.47

“Making good men better.”

Master’s Message – February 2016

Posted by Brian Cayer on January 25, 2016


As most of you know my wife, Paige, died on December 17, 2015 after a very short illness and on January 10, 2016 we had a Celebration of Life service led by Reverend Michael Scarlett at the lodge. By all accounts,
it was a very good day and we did celebrate who Paige was in fine fashion. Personally, I
will be forever grateful to all the brothers who pitched so that everything went well. We had well over 100 guests at the event and from the ease and fluidity in which chairs and table were put out to accommodate the overflow to the brothers who served the luncheon to the brothers who manned the wine table to the
brothers who set up the slide show etc, etc, etc. was so inspiring an effort and, as I said, something I will be forever grateful for….THANK YOU!
We traditionally regard our February meeting as something for the ladies so this month’s program is entitled “Ladies Clay Target Competitive Shooting” and will be presented by the 2007 Lady Clay Target Champion of America and the 2011 Ladies Doubles Champion, Evelyn Kazen who will be accompanied
by her husband Carl Kazen who has also won many national Clay Target competitions. We will also be having the drawing for our Big Raffle so it should be an exciting evening Hope to see you there!

WM Ted


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