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Meeting Call – May 2010

Posted by Brian Cayer on April 17, 2010

You and your Masonic Guests are invited to the May Communication of
Lafayette Lodge #47 F&AM
That will be held on Wednesday evening,
May 5th, 2010 at 8:15pm

For the transaction of such business as will come before the lodge and the following:
6:45pm-Dinner & Program with family/friends

Program: Bro. Stephen Larson, Antique Car Buff
Come listen to our brother as he Regales us on his car collecting hobby, and kick the tires, blow the horn, and sit on the fender!

8:15pm Open lodge, conduct business.
Collation after the meeting.
9PM CLOSE LODGE, Collation

R.W. Andre L. Gregoire PM, Secretary
W. William P. Bundeff, Worshipful Master


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Master’s Message – May 2010

Posted by Brian Cayer on April 17, 2010

Greetings Brethren,

The recent illness of Dennis O’Connor made me think about what our brotherhood is all about. Somehow we get tied up in the process of meetings and rehearsals and forget what it means to be a brother. This past year I have relied on Dennis for many things and most of you don’t realize the commitment he has put into the lodge. When I first heard of his illness I felt a big void in my heart. I suddenly realized how important he was to me and the lodge. If he didn’t get sick I don’t know if I would have thought about how much we appreciate him. Our prayers are with him as he recovers. This is a great time for all of us to thank the many brothers in the lodge who do so many things that few know about.

This month I thought I would try something a little different. We will plan on having dinner at 6:45 with a chicken dinner from the Broaster House for $10.00 each. After dinner we will have the program for the night with Steve Larson bringing his antique car and talking about his hobby. This will be a great night to
bring a friend, wife or family as they can enjoy dinner and the program with no break in between. After the program we will open lodge at 8:15 conduct business and close.

I would like to thank everyone for a great meeting last month. The DDGM had a great time during his official visitation. I was extremely proud that we were able to present Franklin Farms almost $5000 this year between the breakfast we had and the Northern District charities events. I believe this was one of the most successful charity events we ever had and I hope it continues.

Bill Bundeff

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From the Secretary

Posted by Brian Cayer on April 17, 2010

My brothers,

The Master’s message this month started to make me think. I perused the membership list on the back of this notice, I often wonder, what has happen to some of these brothers who, I have not seen in a while, or having been an active member of this lodge since 1996, there are names that I have not sat in lodge with ever! I know your name, but I have no idea who you are or what you look like! I feel bad about that.

I feel I have been let down. I joined this craft to be and associate with like minded men, and its these very men who by there absence have deprived me of what could be a wonderful friendship and good times.

Now my brothers, you know who you are and I ask, out of ten meetings a year, and several specials, could you not find the time to come and rekindle the fire of Freemasonry, at least once? Twice? Or Thrice? The face of our lodge has changed, the enthusiasm, the great programs, the food, dining with our ladies, the best looking lodge in the state that YOU BUILT and especially the fellowship makes this a great night out……………..I have an idea! You gave masonry a try once, you are still paying your dues every year, so you must still be interested, so come on down!! If you are in need of a ride, call me we will pick you up!!!

See you in Lodge!

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