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Open House

Posted by Brian Cayer on March 25, 2009

All Masonic Lodges in Rhode Island will be open to the public for viewing, questions, and information on membership.
When: April 11, 2009
Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm
Where: Lafayette Lodge #47, 680 Nate Whipple Highway, Cumberland, RI

Coffee, beverages and snacks will be available

For additional information go to:

If you want to find out more about Rhode Island Freemasonry, check our “The Next Great Mason” is a video created by the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island (also found on the Grand Lodge Site)


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Spring Breakfast!!!

Posted by Brian Cayer on March 25, 2009

The Annual “May” Breakfast renamed Spring Breakfast will be held on Saturday, April 25th.
$6/person, $20/family

Children under 10 eat free and we will be offering the CH.I.P. program for all children.

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April 2009 Master’s Message

Posted by Brian Cayer on March 25, 2009

Greetings Brethren,

This meeting we will be hosting the District Deputy. The program for the evening is the officer’s forum. I hope we have another full house.
Dinner for the evening will be Shepard’s Pie. The ladies are invited for dinner.

The Philadelphia trip is right around the corner. As of to-day we have eight signed up and only one has given me a deposit. If we don’t get twenty-two more (with a $100 de-posit) by April 9th I will be forced to cancel the trip. Let’s make this trip happen.

I have added a little puzzle this month to the Trestleboard. I hope you enjoy it. If you like this idea let me know. There are plenty more where that came from. Puzzle

Below I am adding comments from RW Wyman P. Halstrom III about our fundraiser.

The Northern District fundraiser is set for May 24. 2009, It is a Sunday and it is Memorial Day weekend. However being Sunday we hope it will not conflict with cookouts, parades etc. It will be at Village Haven Restaurant. The dinner will consist of Family style chicken, pasta, salad, de-sert and coffee. The cost will be $25 per ticket, with $10 of each ticket for the charity. We will start with a cocktail hour at 3pm. Dinner will be served at 5pm. Following dinner there will be raffles, dancing, etc.
We need to have a minimum of 100 tickets sold for this event. That is an average of 20 tickets per lodge, and with it open to ladies and friends, we should not have any trouble selling this num-ber of tickets, also remember to stress that it is to help out someone who really needs it and that when it is all added up, $25 for a full meal, and tax and tip are included and proceeds go to charity, it is a pretty good deal. We also need from each lodge items for the raf-fle. You can contact Ron B for details if you wish, but I don’t think there is any limit as to what we can hawk for raffles.
They can be gift card, (perhaps some of you got gift cards for the holidays and you don’t intend to use it) or a basket of stuff, or whatever you can come up with. Ask your members for donations so that the lodge doesn’t have to absorb the costs if you wish. Perhaps a member may have a connection to an item through work. Whatever the source, all do-nations will be welcome. Brethren, the idea of the District Charity event is to have fun and work together for a good cause. The heavy work of the dinner is done so we only have the work of securing items and then the fun. Let’s all work together to make this a success.

Worshipful Master,
Ron Wheeler

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April Trestleboard

Posted by Brian Cayer on March 25, 2009


The Call to Lodge for

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

District Deputy Grand Master’s Visitation

“…Brethren you will answer and obey, if within the length of your cabletow all due signs and summons sent to and received by you from within the body of a just and lawful Lodge of Master Masons…”

You are hereby summoned to attend our 598th Stated Meeting of Lafayette Lodge #47

On April 1, 2009 at 6:00 O’clock PM, for dinner and the transaction of such business to come before the lodge.

Schedule of the Evening-

6:00pm – Open Lodge, Business, recess.

6:30pm – Dinner will be Sheppard’s Pie, Salad open to all our families and guests, lower dining hall.

7:20pm- Return to labor, Greet the District Deputy Grand Master

Program of the evening: District Officer’s Forum

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear Ye!


You are hereby summoned to attend

A Special Meeting of Lafayette Lodge #47

On Monday Evening, April 27, 2009 at 6:00 O’clock PM,

for The Master Mason’s Degree on all available candidates.

Schedule of the Evening-

6:00pm – Open Lodge, Proficiency, 1st section

6:45pm – Dinner, guests, lower dining hall.

7:30pm 2nd and 3rd sections of the degree



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Freemasonry Rock Music

Posted by Brian Cayer on March 20, 2009

Rock music dedicated to Freemasonry, very interesting! Check it out……….
Noted by R.W. Andy Gregoire

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George Washington Masonic Memorial

Posted by Brian Cayer on March 5, 2009

Most Worshipful Bradford L. Barco – Past Grand Master of Rhode Island and Board of Directors to the George Washington Masonic Memorial, gave a program about the Memorial. If you are a Mason it is something you should be thankful for. It’s the only national monument decicated to Freemasonry. For more info and how you can contribute go to their website:

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